You the creator

This is the quantum leap. When I work as an employee I do what I’m told or expected. I follow processes and schedules that someone else creates for me. This is easy. I do not have to think. I am not expected to create. This is also hard. I have limited freedom. Everything I do is determined by someone else.

Why? This is because other people do. They create. They inspire. They set a vision that leads us forward. They create motion. They unlock energy.

You too are a creator. You have the capacity to think, to solve, to lead. It requires that you take responsibility. You do not have to lead an organisation. Just lead yourself. Two amazing things will happen.

You will realise how much work it is to think; to create out of nothing. Usually, you just maintain momentum or implement a vision. It takes much more energy to create.

You will discover how fulfilling it is to add value to the world. Tackle a problem with creativity instead of complacency. You might even change the world.

For a great read on how to get started, I suggest Cal Neszport’s book, Deep Work.


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What you have

The productive capacity of every individual and every organisation consist of three elements. Intent, Energy, and Intelligence.

The mix of these elements is what determines the quality of our products, our competitive advantage, and our ability to service our customers.

Intent is the desired reality the organisation aims to achieve. What difference do we want to make? How do we want to influence our customers? How do we want to inspire our customers to be their best? This is your strategy. This creates a vision and unlocks energy. The leader defines Intent and focusses all the energy of the organisation in this direction.

Energy is all the resources of the organisation. Capital, assets, networks, time, goodwill, etc. Energy is spent on activities we believe will bring us closer to our intent. Our desired reality. This is a limited resource. It includes an opportunity cost. All the more reason to ensure our Intent is accurate.

Intelligence is the collective intelligence of all our employees and our organisational processes. How well are we using the capacity of our employees. We are spending Energy (salaries) on acquiring access to their intelligence. Are we using it effectively and efficiently? We also want an ROI on all this Intelligence spend. The best way to ensure this happens is to transfer Intelligence of people into the intelligence of a process.

If all your people leave, how much is your business worth? That is the value of organisational Intelligence.

What are you doing with what you have? Most importantly, how does your customer benefit?

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