You the creator

This is the quantum leap. When I work as an employee I do what I’m told or expected. I follow processes and schedules that someone else creates for me. This is easy. I do not have to think. I am not expected to create. This is also hard. I have limited freedom. Everything I do is determined by someone else.

Why? This is because other people do. They create. They inspire. They set a vision that leads us forward. They create motion. They unlock energy.

You too are a creator. You have the capacity to think, to solve, to lead. It requires that you take responsibility. You do not have to lead an organisation. Just lead yourself. Two amazing things will happen.

You will realise how much work it is to think; to create out of nothing. Usually, you just maintain momentum or implement a vision. It takes much more energy to create.

You will discover how fulfilling it is to add value to the world. Tackle a problem with creativity instead of complacency. You might even change the world.

For a great read on how to get started, I suggest Cal Neszport’s book, Deep Work.


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I am so inspired by the person on the other side of a sales call. They deal with an incredible amount of rejection on a daily basis. Often in a disrespectful manner.

They quickly learn to become like water. It is never hindered in its ultimate pursuit. It meets whatever stands in its path with respect and flexibility. Water teaches us the value of time. What could be achieved if we changed the timeframe of our decisions?

Big change is possible. In fact, it is our mandate. We have the capacity to accomplish extraordinary feats. We need only prepare for the long run. We need resilience. The ability to bounce back. This is easy to do when we know what we are fighting for. It is easy to do when we see the end goal.

Enter hyperbolic discounting. It is very difficult for me to associate myself with the person I will be 30 years from now. That person is a stranger to me. Why put in all this time with limited gratification. Why sacrifice now for what will be to the benefit of a stranger later.

The same things happen in retirement planning.


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Two fundemental questions

Are we going as far as we possibly can with the fuel we are using?

Are we headed in the right direction?

The first is a question of efficiency. Input vs output. ROI, cost versus benefit, etc. This is easy to measure but difficult to achieve. Every system, collection of processes, or organism experiences this. The inherent friction caused by the moving parts. This friction should be as low as possible.

Your business is somewhere between a rusted motor with no oil, and perpetual motion. This could make business very painful, draining experience. It forces you to spend your limited energy on creating momentum that impedes your future performance.

The second is a question of effectiveness. Are you delivering on your purpose? This is challenging to define, and hard to determine. How much of your output is used to get you down the road you want to be traveling?

Even autopilots in commercial aircraft are never on course. The system makes constant corrections for the duration of the journey. If you are not intentionally doing this with your strategy chances are you are not heading in the right direction. All your energy is spent, very efficiently, taking you in the wrong direction.

The trick is you can never answer the one without considering the other. They are two sides of the same coin. Co-essentials.

Successful strategy secures efficiency, successful management secures efficiency. Both secure sustainability.

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Business Inertia

Every business, product, and idea faces an initial resistance. It has been coined as barriers to entry, or change aversion, or competition. It is the inherent propensity for an object in motion to continue along its current trajectory. Inertia.

The effort to change is perceived as greater than the potential benefit your customer will enjoy. This requires us to exert a force great enough for people to take notice. That might be marketing, or advertising, or maybe intentional customer inspiration.

You owe it to your potential customers to ensure they know about the phenomenal value you can add to their lives. If not, you doom them to a life of uninspiring solutions. Consequences of the decisions they made before they knew better.

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