About Us







About Us

Siyon Capital was founded on a passion for business.

As the lifeblood of innovation and economic growth, entrepreneurs fulfil a critical role in our world. We support you in every stage of your business with:

      · Expert Advice

      · Investment

      · Training and Mentoring

Through our collaborative approach and mentor networks, we provide tailored solutions for entrepreneurs, employers and investment firms.

 Our expertise include:

      · Lean Start-Up Methodology

      · Business and Process Optimisation

      · Business Strategy

      · Sales and Market Research Consulting


Our Vision

Partnering with entrepreneurs to create radically successful businesses and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that serves our society.

Our Values

Siyon Capital Values


We specialise in sourcing funding for our start up clients. We also provide capital raising services on behalf of investment clients such as Venture Capital funds.

We connect our network of investors and entrepreneurs to match the right opportunity with the right funder. 


We believe your success is our success. As a result, we make use of performance-based fees.  Our innovative pricing options are designed to suit the life-stage of your business and line up with your growth goals.

Any way you look at it, we are in the business of great business.


Our Institute provides tailored training to suite your company needs. We equip entrepreneurs with the skills they need to launch and manage successfully.

We live our passion for innovation through courses designed to equip intrapreneurs and sales team with the skills they need to transform your business and their performance.