About Us







About Us

The Innovation Age is transforming everything we believe about business. How we think about work, assets, strategy and competitive advantage. Change is the father of uncertainty. Change is the norm in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Siyon Capital Pty (Ltd) was established as a niche consulting firm to help businesses navigate this revolution.

We partner with you to identify, create and implement key improvements that enable your business to thrive in this ever-changing environment. Our team of professionals and advisors work with all levels of your business through every phase of the process to ensure successful delivery on your goals.


Our Mission

To create, enable, and support businesses that impact our world.

Our Values

Siyon Capital Values

Bridge Building

(Management Consulting)


We offer a full suite of services to ensure you deliver peak performance sustainably. This includes:

o        Business Diagnostics

o        Business Process Re-design

o        Organisational Re-design

o        Business Process Optimisation

o        Business Intelligence Management

o        Strategy Design and Implementation

Personal Training

(Coaching and Mentoring)


Our incubator allows entrepreneurs to think collaboratively about their businesses. They are guided by thought  leading content and experienced coaches. This includes:

o        Incubation Services

o        Lean Methodologies

o        Growth Engines

o        Education and Training

o        Business Coaching and Mentoring