Our Story.

Our Purpose.

Pers Lyn
Pers Lyn

It all started with a question. Could every person experience such joy and fulfillment in their work that they ‘never work a day in their life’?
In pursuit of the answer Siyon was born.

An organization dedicated to helping businesses discover and execute on its purpose.

Like any eco-system, every organism has a role to play. The entire system depends on it. Understanding the unique and crucial role your business plays helps you discover your relevance and what you need to do to enhance and protect it.

Such businesses create spaces where employees thrive. They add value to their environment and make the sum greater than its parts. They craft a better world. A world that we are excited to be a part of.

Some say we bring fresh pollen to increase your yields.

Some say we discover hidden competitive advantage and help it flourish.

All we know is, we want to see you thrive.

Invoke thriving organisations through


Our Values.

Pers Lyn
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We are relatable. We are real. We are relentless and passionate about the pursuit of truth. We are transparent with those to which we are accountable. We don’t compromise on integrity.  We connect with those in our ecosystem without losing our individuality. We maintain a culture of honor, where all people are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

We acknowledge that mastery is a process.  We constantly refine our craft.  We are deeply inquisitive and intentional about our pursuit of understanding reality more accurately.  We keep our purpose in focus.  We continually expand our ability to deliver the results that we, and others truly seek.  We execute with precision.

We generously share our inspiration with others. 

Our care for others translates into acts of compassion. 

We innovate to show others how the world can be better for those who follow. We never lose sight of the legacy left by those who live out their purpose.

Our Leadership Team.

Pers Lyn
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Emile Raubenheimer

Emile Raubenheimer is a strategist. He holds a BCom Hons in Financial Management and serves as a partner in Siyon. He has conducted consulting engagements across various industries including Central Banks and start-ups.

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Jandri Vorster

Jandri Vorster is an industrial engineer and holds a BIng. He is a partner in Siyon. He has conducted consulting engagements in tech development, supply chain and route optimization, process optimization in FMCG and financial services including central banks.

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Marli Grove

Marli Grove is a CA (SA). She runs her own tax and advisory business and is a partner in Siyon. She comes with a wealth of experience in the medical industry as well as tech and green-fields projects.

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Frans Vermaak

Frans Vermaak is a systems architect and innovation leader. He is a partner in Siyon. He has served as a Chief Technology Officer in the data and systems infrastructure industry and comes with a wealth of experience in IT systems and infrastructure solutions.

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Altes van Zyl

Altes van Zyl is a CA (SA). He serves on the advisory board of Siyon. He comes with a wealth of experience in auditing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and turnaround strategies. He currently serves as the FD for the Etlin group.