Customer Centricity

How much of my business is focused on the experience of the customer? Is my email address sales@? If I am customer centered would solutions@ or purchases@ not make more sense?

We built a business from a perspective of the shareholder or owner as the most important party. We since moved to a more stakeholder-friendly approach. Remnants of our old thinking remain.

In reality, the survival of our business is not sponsored by an investor or a visionary, it is sponsored by our customer. It is their belief in us, their support of our efforts, that allows us to continue. The sustainability of our business is inseparable from the benefit our customers perceive from our work.

Customer centricity is no longer optional. It is critical to the survival of your business. Ignoring it is not only risky, it is irresponsible.


Mike Wilson


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Business Inertia

Every business, product, and idea faces an initial resistance. It has been coined as barriers to entry, or change aversion, or competition. It is the inherent propensity for an object in motion to continue along its current trajectory. Inertia.

The effort to change is perceived as greater than the potential benefit your customer will enjoy. This requires us to exert a force great enough for people to take notice. That might be marketing, or advertising, or maybe intentional customer inspiration.

You owe it to your potential customers to ensure they know about the phenomenal value you can add to their lives. If not, you doom them to a life of uninspiring solutions. Consequences of the decisions they made before they knew better.

Originally posted here.