Georg Hegel fathered an interesting idea: Triad theory. Based on the principle that we start with a thesis. An idea so brilliant that it becomes the accepted norm. The standard against which we measure. This is only partly true. Some are excluded. Revolution ensues. The antithesis is created. The exact opposite. Everything is wrong with the previous idea and therefore it must be shunned into oblivion.

We find challenges with this antithesis. We stop to realise there is truth in the original idea and there is truth in the revolution. We create a synthesis. A new truth based on both experiences that achieves a higher state of understanding.

We face many dualities. Leadership vs management. Profit vs Social Impact. Male vs Female leadership.

Turns out Hegel was right.

Could we stop thinking in contrasts? Let’s be opportunity minded. Not either-or but both. What could our generation achieve if we started thinking in Co-Essentials. Each beautiful, each necessary, each valuable, but together – Masterpiece!

Ionut Necula


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