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Your bubble

The internet created an interconnected world at your fingertips. Never has the world been as connected. This bombards us with astronomical amounts of information. We do not know how to deal with the stimulus. Enter the algorithm. The holy grail of typecasting. It allows us to define people by likes ...

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Freedom Culture

Every business, association, and club has a culture. Chances are this culture came about by accident. Culture is an immensely powerful asset that takes years to evolve and settle. It determines how people treat divergent behavior, respond to conflict, deal with failure and capitalise on opportunitie...

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What we teach our kids

Bell rings and they go to their classes. Bell rings, they put down their pencils. Bell rings, they go home. This sounds more like a factory during the industrial revolution that a school. How much of what we believe about education is based on industrial age thinking? Is this the best way to teach t...

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New Competitive Realities

The competitive landscape is changing, quickly. We use great tools to keep our finger on the pulse. Michael Porter defined this landscape as existing and potential competitors as well as the threat of substitutes. This is no longer sufficient. The pace of change in technology is creating intersectio...

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Million Dollar Ideas

What makes ideas valuable? Is it their novelty, their potential? Truthfully, ideas are not worth much. Ideas are a dime a dozen. For an idea to become valuable it must meet two criteria. The idea must be worth something to someone. This is difficult to test. You have one of two options: expose it to...

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Transition Management

Change is a necessary consequence of growth. Intuitively we know this. Change is good. It allows us to grow up. It allows our gardens to flourish. It enables our understanding to evolve. It makes us uncomfortable. Joseph Campbell captured the essence of change. It is the Hero’s Journey. The path we ...

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Customer Centricity

How much of my business is focused on the experience of the customer? Is my email address sales@? If I am customer centered would solutions@ or purchases@ not make more sense? We built a business from a perspective of the shareholder or owner as the most important party. We since moved to a more sta...

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Business Sense

We built really smart businesses. Great business architecture, systems infrastructure, and process flows. We hire the smartest people and design the best products. We develop and implement strategies that astound even the largest global business. This was the recipe for success. Now, even if you hav...

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Georg Hegel fathered an interesting idea: Triad theory. Based on the principle that we start with a thesis. An idea so brilliant that it becomes the accepted norm. The standard against which we measure. This is only partly true. Some are excluded. Revolution ensues. The antithesis is created. The ex...

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